Holly only looks innocent

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Light-haired teen Holly looks yummy and harmless while she rests on her bed, but the racy images she’s been looking at on her phone have made her wild and she’s prepared to prove just how horny she is. As she witnesses someone watching her she rolls onto her side, showing off her vapid stomach and long slim legs. She’s wearing a handsome collared shirt that has its buttons totally undone – the only thing keeping her pert mounds from being exposed is a lil’ knot at the bottom. With a remarkable smile she reaches her fingers up and commences slowly unbuttoning the node and working the T-shirt down off her shoulders. She taunts for a minute, squeezing her tastey mounds together so we can watch her pointy bosom until finally she lets the T-shirt fall giving us the sight we’ve been longing. Her boobies are handsome and just the right size for squashing and fondling and they are topped with pointy puffies that are sore to be gargled. She slides her palms up to bowl her bra-stuffers, pinching her puffies and playing with their perfection for a few minutes. This youthfull sweetie is ready to go tho’ and can’t wait to expose the rest of her slim wonderful assets. Soon she has her lacy panties off and she bends down demonstrating off not her only her rigid bootie but her tight slick beaver as well. Once she is fully nude it isn’t too long before she’s reaching her proficient fingers deep into her humid cum-craving cooter to drive herself to a mind-blowing climax.

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